Lincoln LFC 2500

Wireless Fluid Inventory Control and Management System

  • Manage up to 16 fluids and 99 simultaneous dispense locations with a single system
  • Easy to install
    • Attach the dispense valves to the hoses
    • Plug the keypad into a standard 120V AC outlet
  • PC interface for enhanced capabilities and logical network set
  • Mount up to 36 dispense keypads directly in the bays to maximize productivity
  • Multi-department communication and control
  • Unlimited job stacking allows mechanic to select preloaded repair orders
  • Each dispense keypad supports up to 24 meters for a total of 250 meters
  • Assign special work order number for dedicated oil change bays allowing monitored after-hour fluid dispensing
  • Totally wireless communication directly between keypads and dispense valves — no hard wiring required to install system
  • Uses direct sequence spread spectrum 2.4 GHz RF technology to prevent communication problems with other equipment in the facility
  • Dispenses in pints, quarts, gallons or liters
  • Four standard AA batteries in the dispense valve last up to two years
  • Control of portable fluid tanks

More information:

Model 905

Model 283135

Model 283136

Model  Description
283136  LFC 2500 master keypad - 2.4 GHz unit used to bridge the connection between the PC and dispense keypad(s) which include the PC software
283135 LFC 2500 dispense keypad - 2.4 GHz unit used by the mechanics to initiate the dispense
924F 2.4 GHz wireless meter with flexible extension for all fluid types
924R 2.4 GHz wireless meter with rigid extension for all fluid types
282963 Antenna extension kit